Stillwater Landing





Stillwater Landing

near Whitefish Montana



Our friend Marie Delaney , artist, writer and musician, created this visual impression of our outdoor "Lake Stage.

 Any resemblance to a "real musician" is purely intentional.  The plane might be a cross between my PA12 and  Bryans C-185.    


"Splash In 2014"

 sponsored by the Glacier Pilots EAA Chapter 102

Kalispell Montana




 Aug. 8, 9 & 10th  2014  (held bi-annually)


Seaplanes, Music, a magic weekend


 for visiting aircraft, water or land, contact Ry Keller,

our local EAA Director at


camping, food , and other activities

musicians and music fans contact Bill Montgomery





see FaceBook page Stillwater Landing for  updates, details and other events




Music Jams, occasional Weddings, and non profit fundraisers

 a special place to gather and celebrate life






Share Your Voice Foundation Show/Concert

July 26, 2014




Concerts and Shows.

 An amazing nights of
original performance by these talented  teens





The Share Your Voice Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit association dedicated to the provision of the Empowerment through Performance Workshop programs and other arts-based cultural and educational activities.

The agenda of SYVF is geared specifically for young people ages 13-17 hailing from diverse backgrounds.  Some are considered at-risk while others are talented individuals living seeking opportunities in music and the arts.  SYVF serves these young people regardless of race, religion, creed, sex or socio-economic status.

Through interactive exploration of culture and the production of performance in all its manifest delights, the organization's charter is to encourage participants to unleash their creativity in a safe environment while improving self-esteem and developing strong, effective communication skills.

Participants are encouraged and guided to discover their own innate talents, cultivate a sense of pride and appreciate the importance of collaborating with others.

Ultimately, the main objective is to help future generations find and share their unique and individual voice for the betterment of all society.

Every young person should be allowed to shine!

Founders Jennifer Julian Johnson (JJ)  Karen Jane Borger(now retired) and the other board members  invite everyone to  join us for this event.






We are Supporters of the North Valley Music School  will continue to host fundraisers and student showases


Also are also supporting the CROWN OF THE CONTINENT  GUITAR FOUNDATION, with world class workshops and events each summer.  check out their web site for up to date information.



The combination Music Festival/Gathering and Seaplane "Splash In" began in 1994 and are now held every other year.

 Past special guest have included Corinne Chapman and  A J  Masters from Nashville, brought to us by our friend Joe Moss, who is now a seaplane pilot himself.




check  out for more


of course, returning to perform and help coordinate the event were

Sue and Pepe' Maxwell


 We anticipate another great "long weekend" of music and gathering of floatplanes,  and amphibians, from throughout the country.





Past music guest throughout the summer have included,  ELEPHANT REVIVAL, Jessica Kilroy and friends, The  Bell Boys, Gwyneth and Monko, Jesse Terry and Megan Burtt, Rob Quist and family, our friend  Ray Doyle, Tom Russell, Ramblin Jack Elliott,

Mare Wakefield and  Nomad, David Olney, Dave Stames, Susan Gibson, Mike Beck, R. Carlos Nakai, Rad Lorkovic, Lee Zimmerman, Wayo Hogan, 1985 Band, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Susan Wheatly and  many other musician friends


Flathead Living Magazine on Stillwater Landing  Fall 2009 Issue

More Random Photos Below


Areamap.jpg (263541 bytes)

Nestled in Stillwater State Forest, just 35 miles below the Canadian border, 15 miles NW of Whitefish Montana and 40 miles from the West Glacier entrance to Glacier Park is a magical piece of land on Lower Stillwater Lake we call Stillwater Landing.

This is my private camp for music and fun with family, friends and others who share our interest in music, flying, and campfires under a Montana moon. I share it with the eagles, loons, turtles, deer, moose and the other friends of nature. 

My passion is music, arts and living with nature.  Stillwater Landing is a retreat, complete with a small amphitheater on the water and an indoor stage in our hangar.

Sharing this with my many musician friends and our friends who love to just listen, has led us to many "spontaneous" jam sessions as well as some more organized events.  The first weekend  in August we usually host a LAKE MUSIC FESTIVAL combined with  our SEAPLANE "SPLASH IN" on even years (next one  Aug. 2014).

Check the General Information bar for  details, transportation, lodging and other information. 

2006 Stillwater Landing Splash In

Amphitheater opened the first time on July 4th 2006, with Tom Russell and Michael Martin playing for Bill's birthday party.



The stage at night

Our indoor stage at the hangar



no tobacco smoking on the property.

dogs must be on leash and owners must clean up after them

kids must be under direct parental control and not interfere with concerts

vest must be  worn on docks and near water. 

(we are usually recording)

concerts are to "listen", conversations must be out of "earshot"

camping and use of lake  area is at your own risk

approved floatation devices are required on all watercraft, they do give $100 tickets!

This is "home" so respect private areas


updated: 1/1/14