We had thirteen LAKES at our 10th  "SPLASH IN", with several other LAKE owners arriving by RV's.  For 04' we had Lakes from as fat as Florida, Arizona, and Michigan.  What a great time was had by all.

Marc and Jill Rodstein attended the "splash in" in 03' as part of a motor home trip. Marc is head of the LAKE AMPHIBIAN FLYERS CLUB, a must join for any LAKE owner

Paul Furnee was a great help and will be there again this year and is available for flight instruction or reviews.  Contact Paul for information.

Ron Van Slotten, owner of Talon Aviation  at Thun Field in WA., was also a great help.

We have widened the ramp and expanded the aircraft parking area so it will be easier for everyone to taxi up, drain and inspect, and load their planes prior to departing.

Let's  make it a bigger attendance in 2006

Chuck White: Micro AeroDynamics (VG's), 360.293.8082, www.microaero.com

Paul Furnee: Air Innovations, 863.299.4655,

www.airinnov.com,    (airinnov@gte.net)

Marc Rodstien: Lake Amphibian Flyers Club, 561.483.6566     


LAKE FACTORY: LanShe,  contact Wadi Rahim, 722.465 9996, www.lanshearospace.com

TALON Aviation: www.talonavn.com  Ron Van Slooten, one of the best sources for LAKE maintenance and information in the Seattle region.253.840.1012, talonavn@callatg.com

Amphib Information www.amphibs.com

Lake & Air, 1.800.525.3247, www.lakeandair.com

Lake Central, 705 687 4343, www.lakecentral.com

Lake Aero, www.lakeaero.biz ,  Chelan Wa.

Team Lake, Bruce Rivard, 603. 293. 8200, www.teamlake.com

ICOM  www.icomamerica.com

Harry & Cathy Shannon Amphibians Plus hdshannon@aol.com 863-534-8025

These are just a few, please e-mail me info on anyone who should be listed for LAKE information, service or help

A few photos follow:  Click to enlarge. 

Bert and Kens Lake Buccaners

Bert Wilkinson's 200T

Bert's 200T

Bert's 200T in front of cabin

Ken's 200EP

Ken Miller's 200EP

Ken & Mike in The 200EP

Ton Casey arriving in the Renegade

up the new ramp in N14004

Bill and Connie with the Renegade 250

The Renegade just fits in the hangar

Inside the hangar

inside the hangar

Renegade in front of new hangar

Bills old Renegade on ramp

Hank and Tom ready or a ride

Down the ramp they go

Renegade 14004's cocpit

Bert's 200T with Beaver in background

Ken's 200EP, camping along shore

VG'S (Vortex Generator) on LAKE Renegade

VG'S on wing

Connie and Deb after first ride in our Renegade

John Dolan

Kens Miller's 200 EP

Lakes on Ramp

Renegade on ramp(now Bob Olsons)

Renegade landing

Lots of Lakes

John Dolan ready to camp

Ken millers 200EP

Bill's new tie down

Lakes on ramp

N 14004

LAKES everywhere, 2003

Winter Dec.2003